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The quarterback of our system is a coral switch manufactured by Tadiran. This state-of-the-art programmable switch controls voice and data connectivity to a host of other feature rich pieces of equipment such as Automated Call Distribution, Data Server, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Voice Recordings.


All calls for customer accounts, to be answered live, come in on our T-1’s or PRI lines and are routed by the switch to the Automatic Call Distribution server. This server controls the flow and distribution of calls to the workstations. The ACD looks for the shortest queue or next available customer service representative and sends the call to them to be answered.


All calls are recorded for quality assurance and accuracy. The recordings are archived for 3 months.
it engineers in network server room


All systems have RAD – 1 or RAD – 5 mirror imaging or integration to ensure that no information is lost. There are two commercial grade UPS batteries to give us 8 hours of run time plus a 7,500 watt gasoline generator as backup in case of lengthy power failure.

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